Food Service Brushes

CHEF 100

Double-Sided Angled Grill Brush

Food Service Brushes


The 'perfect' broiler or grill brush - #1 Steakhouse favourite Double-sided brush head is perfectly angled to facilitate faster and more efficient cleaning of the broiler or grill.

Hardwood blocks are fulled with two kinds of wire for a versatile brush: Super aggressive flat steel wire in 5x10 bows for a chisel-like action to remove burnt-on carbon. Round steel wires in 6x19 rows to remove remaining dust and debris. The super strong, and easy-to grip 48" handle is made of 1"x1-1/2" sanded-smooth hardwood

Overall Length Trim Brush Size Fill Std. Qty ITEM #
48" 1-1/4" 7" Flat wire/Round Steel 2 CHEF 100


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