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Felton's Vine Suckering CurVbrush

CurVbrush is a patented-break through in vine suckering technology that optimizes efficiency, cost, and safety. 

Suckering by hand is a tedious, back breaking, time and labour consuming procedure. However, CurVbrush boosts vine suckering speed by up to 40%, while minimizing the strain on a worker’s legs and back, allowing them to work at a more steady pace. 

This results in greatly reduced costs associated with labour for the grower, as well as a greatly reduced occupational health and safety risk for the worker.

Designed by an inventor with 25 years of industry experience!

Wholesale pricing available

Need custom specifications? Felton Brushes can offers custom design assistance.

CurVbrush Features


Supported by the Health and Safety Committee of the Wine Grape Council of BC.

What Our Customers Say

“This is such an innovative design. It has made vine suckering much simpler and requires much less effort than other tools.” 

“The CurVbrush has a great design and provides the best results for vine suckering compared to any other suckering brush we have tried.” 

“It is great to have a brush system that works well, stands up to rough handling, and is very durable.”

“Love how easy it is to replace a new brush!”


See Our Vine Suckering CurVbrush in Action!

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