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Customer Testimonials - Amit Gupta

“Industrial Spiral brushes are used for various purposes in a factory. These brushes help in the cleaning of large machines that is beyond human capacity. To know more about good quality industrial Spiral brushes read the article below.”

“Industrial Spiral brushes are categorized as those brushes that are used in factories for cleaning up large machines and are available in various sizes and shapes. There are spiral brushes, cylinder brushes, strip brushes, power brushes, wheel brushes, cup brushes, end brushes and twisted in wire brushes. All the brushes have their own significance with their specific use. Sweeping, cleaning, dusting, washing and grooming are the applications most commonly thought of when one thinks about brushes.”

“However, brushes make a far more significant contribution to society; de-burring, de-flashing, de-scaling, fruit and vegetable washing, conveyor cleaning, concrete texturing, process detecting, conducting, harvesting, labeling, peeling, ski slopes, and stenciling are a few examples of brush applications in the industry today.”

“Talking about cylinder and spiral brushes, these are the ones used for conveyor cleaning or wide face brushing of a substrate in a production environment. Spiral wound cylinder brushes are based on Strip brush technology and are individually designed to meet the customer’s specifications. Paddle wheel style conveyor cleaning brushes also utilize strip brush technology and offer a customer refillable brush core.”

“A Spiral Brush has cylinder brush design experience in a broad range of applications including: agriculture, bakery oven belts, battery production, block and brick production, concrete form cleaning, fiberglass insulation, filtration screen cleaning, foundry sand conveyors, glass cleaning, industrial pass-through ovens, metal fabricating, paper mills, oil & gas pipeline inspection, primary metals, printing, raised metal roofing, rubber and plastics, sawmills and plywood production.”

“These spiral brushes are designed in order to meet all your requirements of cleaning and effective usage. Besides this, there are industrial power brushes and maintenance brushes. These include wheel brushes, cup brushes, end brushes, twisted-knot brushes, tube brushes and various maintenance style brushes.”

“You can find wire brushes in the market that are filled with carbon steel, stainless steel, brass or bronze wire. Most styles of power brushes are also available with synthetic fill materials, such as nylon, or abrasive nylon, as well as horsehair. Other more exotic types of wire brushes and special material brushes are available for specific applications.”

Another category is the Custom brush designs that come in two broad classes:

  • “Wide-face cylinder brushes for conveyor cleaning, surface preparation, surface finishing, scrubbing, dusting, applying and polishing.”
  • “Strip brushes both straight and formed, to serve as brush seals, passive wiping mechanisms or flexible machine guards against light, heat, mist or flying chips.”

“There are different kinds of mounting options that the manufacturer and the dealer of the brushes offer to you.”

  • “Refillable Core: For a more economical long term solution, the core can be made from heavier wall tube and can be returned for refilling multiple times. Refilling saves the cost of remaking the shaft or core.”
  • “Unmounted Brush Refill: Customers may choose to buy the loose wound brush coil to mount on their own shaft or cores.”
  • “Dynamic Balancing: For brushes operating at speeds in excess of 500 revolutions per minute, dynamic balancing is recommended to reduce vibration and improve the consistency of the brushing action.”