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2106 Series Push Brooms

Uses a solid lacquered hardwood block (7/8″ thick).  Filled with 3 rows of a 3″ stiff polypropylene center surrounded by two heavy rows of feather-tipped PVC on all sides.  Good on blacktop, concrete, and unfinished wood. Effectively removes medium particulate plus fine dust and debris with each sweeping pass.  Good for dry wall contractors, home owners, wood shops, factories, landscapers, etc.


Dimensions & Measurements for 2106 Series Push Brooms


For additional measurements and custom specifications please contact us directly by calling 1-888-287-1518 or using our Request A Quote form.

For detailed technical information, including recommended operating pressures, wire sizes, filament glossary and much more, please visit our Technical Information section.

To ensure quality and safety we recommend reading our Brush Safety Recommendations before using any Felton Brush.

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