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Double Sided Grill Cleaning Brush

Lasts 3-5 x longer than any imported grill cleaning brush using superior manufacturing methods virtually eliminate the risk of bristle loss.

Hardwood blocks are filled with two kinds of wire for a versatile brush.

Super aggressive flat steel wire in 5×10 bows for a chisel-like action to remove burnt-on carbon. Round steel wires in 6×19 rows to remove remaining dust and debris.

The super strong, and easy-to grip 48″ handle is made of 1″x1-1/2″ sanded-smooth hardwood.

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Thses heavy-duty grill cleaning brushes features a double sided brush head that is perfect to facilitate faster and more efficient cleaning. One side contains coarse flat wire to chisel away burnt on deposits. The other side contains round carbon wires to sweep away the loose debris.

Comes equipped with a 48″ handle to reach difficult areas or large grills without leaning over a hot grill. Recommended by professional chefs and grill masters alike.

Made in Canada with high quality North American wire and a Canadian hardwood handle.

Dimensions & Measurements for Double Sided Grill Cleaning Brushes

Overall LengthTrimBrush SizeFillStd. Pkg.Item #
48"1-1/4"7"Flat Wire/Round Steel2CHEF 110

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