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Tube End Deburring Brushes

Felton Brushes manufactures some of the highest quality pipe deburring brushes on the market. We use only the highest of quality North American sourced materials, and manufacture the brushes right here in Hamilton Ontario. The results are longer lasting brushes, with better deburring prowess, which translates into industry leading value to our customers. 

Felton Brushes can manufacture to any customer specifications and features to meet the needs of any deburring application or machine. Anything from diameter, length, or filament can be customized to fit customer specific needs.

Wholesale pricing available

Need custom specifications? Felton Brushes can offers custom design assistance.

Felton's K1204 Brush

The K1204 is an example of Felton’s steel knotted pipe deburring brushes. The brush has a 12″ OD x 2″ ID, and can be manufactured to any length depending on what the customer requires. The brush is highly effective at heavily deburring thick, hard metals.

Felton's K1204 Brush

Felton's M136010 Brush

The M136010 is an example of Felton’s crimped wire pipe deburring brushes. The brush has a 6″ OD x 2″ ID, and can be manufactured to any length depending on what customer needs.

Felton’s crimped wire deburring brushes feature high density, high quality wire, to optimize deburring capabilities.

Felton's M136010 Brush

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