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Brush Knot Types

Knotted wire wheels are a specialty of Felton Brushes; we’ve manufactured them since 1933. Different jobs require different knot types, the three kinds which Felton makes are standard, cable, and stringer beads.

Knot Styles

Cable Twist Knot

Cable Twist Knot

Excellent for standard knot wire applications that need more aggressive action and is most commonly used in wheel brushes.

stringer bead

Stringer Bead Knot

Ideal for bead scale removal. An example can be seen in our Stringer Bead Knot Wire Wheel.

standard twist knot

Standard Twist Knot

Great for cleaning grooves, t-connections and welded beads, and for general surface preparation. It is used in all types of wire brushes.

Trim Styles

rosebud trim

Rosebud Trim

Features a unique construction where the wire ends are twisted to form a “rose bud”.

standard trim

Standard Trim

Standard knot trim style. In the stringer bead trim the wire ends are cut completely.

standard trim

"Long Flag" Trim

Features an open end trim style where the wire ends are cut.

Wire Styles

straight wire

Straight Wire

Straight wire is used for knotted brushes and provides aggressive impact action which is ideal for weld cleaning, heavy deburring and other jobs that require a fast, efficient and severe cutting performance.

crimped wire

Crimped Wire

Crimped wire is used in a variety of Felton Brushes, including; wire wheels, saucer cup and end brushes. It’s continuous brushing action makes this wire type ideal for light deburring jobs that required a fine finish.