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Why Choose Felton Brushes?

Felton Brushes Limited has been in business since 1933, serving the needs of Canadian industry using some one of the most advanced brush making platforms in the world, including Wohler and Borghi machines. Below is a list of reasons why you should choose Felton as your #1 brush supplier.

1. Technology

Felton Brushes Advanced Technology

Wire Power Brushes

Felton Brushes operates Wohler Brush making machinery exclusively. We are one of the few in North America to use this technology, and the only company in Canada to do so.

Strip Brush and Rotary Brushes

In 2009, Felton brought in a new line of Strip Brush Machines capable of producing the most efficient and precise strip brushes in the world. Felton is proud to be the only brush company in Canada with this Wohler platform. The lathe works in conjunction with the strip machine, and is linked with servo motors to ensure the highest quality of product is made.

Stapleset/Tufted Brushes

Felton Brushes partnered with Borghi of Italy and operate all stapleset brushes exclusively on Borghi Machines. Our 5 Axis Stapleset machine is the most flexible tufted brush making machine in the world. In Canada, Felton exclusively runs this technology. This give our customer ultimate flexibility in brush design. 

We operate faster than any other brush company currently, at speeds of over 400 tufts per minute.

Here are some of the highlights

  • We created a unique shape of hole to allow a large number of knots to be positioned in one plain.  Result: lower profile “hill”, resulting in softer “touch” onto wire, and 80% less wire breakage. Lower chance of injury.
  • Our side plates are “edge tumbled”®, removing sharp burrs that fatigue wire. Result: A softer edge, less wire breaking and a safer brush.
  • Micro Rosebud Spinning Head™, enables Felton to cut wire to proper length prior to assembly. Result: Smoother operating brush, with low vibration, and less operator fatigue.

2. Quality & Safety

Quality & Safety are of great concerns of Felton Brushes. This is why we only use the finest materials in our manufacturing process.

Here are some of the highlights

  • Cheap Wire = Cheap Brush. Quality Wire = Quality Brush. Our wire is only sourced domestically, and drawn in the USA or Canada. Result: Specifications and tolerances are tight, and adhered to by our suppliers. Wire breakage does not occur easily. Wire breaks off in microns only at the tips, resulting in superior performance and reduced chances of injury.
  • Better Balancing. Through technological advancements mentioned above Felton Brushes is able to produce the most balanced brush in the industry. As wire is cut to precise length prior to the brush assembly process, no trimming is required, resulting in the smoothest brush in the industry. Result: Reduced operator fatigue, and reduced wear on bearings in grinders, resulting in cost savings.
  • Reduced Waste. Greener environment. By not having to trim many of our brushes with our new technology, we eliminate the waste wire that results with other processes.  Result: Less energy required to make brushes, and less raw material waste having to be recycled.