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Our Services

In addition to manufacturing some of the highest quality brushes in the world, we also provide a variety of services to fit virtually any need.

Brush Traceability

When your project has the highest standards, and the brushes require materials traceability, we have a wide selection of brushes in stock.

Brush Making Machine Parts

Felton Brushes makes various brush making parts with strong experience and know-how.

Mechanical Testing

Felton Brushes can run mechanical test such as; hardness, tensile, yield, impact, mill test report, letter of compliance, and much more!

Felton Brushes in Restaraunts

Felton Brushes has helped many Canadian restaurant chains and grill houses by providing solutions for their everyday business needs.

We are proud of providing long-lasting products and quality services that our customers can rely and depend upon.

Felton Brushes Press Releases

Since 1933 Felton Brushes has been covered in a variety of media outlets including Canadian Business Journal, CBC Radio and much more!

Our knowledgeable staff and high quality service has been a major driving force behind our large media presence.